Founded in 2016, Lagos, Nigeria by Egbe Maureen-Cyril, a creative director and a Bsc. Degree Holder in Nursing who undoubtedly created the concept with the sole idea of making a difference and impacting the society in a largely positive way.

We have since been established as an urban company whose bulk of operations cuts across Entertainment, Model Scouting and Management, Gift Packaging, Wardrobe Management, Fashion & Lifestyle, Party/Event Planning, Corporate & Private Branding Services. We also have Personal Shoppers who help clients that do not have the time, interest or ability to shop for themselves by doing it for them. Every service is delivered with exquisite class and perfection in a timely fashion.

Our client’s satisfaction is paramount to us and due to our creativity we always achieve results that are very satisfying to our client.

In synopsis, the company can be best described as follows:

  • GoodGirl is New
  • GoodGirl is Urban
  • GoodGirl is Creative
  • GoodGirl is a Lifestyle
  • GoodGirl is a Brand
  • GoodGirl is a Platform
  • GoodGirl is a Movement
  • GoodGirl is Philanthropic
  • GoodGirl is Humanitarian
  • GoodGirl is Business oriented